Lawn Care Calendar

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Spring Care For Your Lawn

Discusses the important tasks of spring lawn care maintenance, including everything from raking to making sure that your lawn mower is in tip-top condition for the….

Summer Care For Your Lawn

Discusses the importance of starting in the spring to ensure a healthy summer lawn. Includes tips on dealing with drought and humidity conditions, as well as child and……

Autumn Care For Your Lawn

Discusses the things you need to do for autumn lawn care, including killing moss, adjusting the height of your mower blade, fertilization and raking leaves and debris….

Winter Care For Your Lawn

Discusses the various winter lawn care maintenance tasks you need to do during the colder months so that you can have a healthy, green lawn in the spring….

Thatch Build Up

Discusses what thatch build up is, what causes it, how to identify it, and the best way to solve a thatch problem, which is by aerating your lawn, which can be done……

The Winter Weed Calendar-What You Need to Know

Looking at how best to remove weeds from your lawn during the winter months and also how to prepare your lawn for the coming growing seasons of spring and summer…

Zoysia Grass

This article looks at Zoysia grass and its three main species and looks at whether it is right for your lawn…

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