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Questionnaire: Are You a Soil Expert?

Soil can have a huge influence on lawns – but how much do you know about the different types and their properties? Here’s a quick quiz to help you find out….

Questionnaire: Are You Clued-up on Common Lawn Problems?

Try our quick quiz to find up how clued-up you are about some of the commonest problems to affect British lawns – and how ready you are to deal with them…

Questionnaire: is Your Lawn in Need of Renovation?

It’s not always easy to know if your lawn needs renovation or if you’d be better off ripping it up and starting again. Here’s a questionnaire to help you decide….

Questionnaire: What Do You Know About Watering?

With dry spells becoming more common, knowing about watering is getting to be very important. Test your knowledge in time for the summer with this quick little quiz….

Questionnaire: What Do You Know About Weeds?

Few things are they less welcome than weeds in an otherwise perfect lawn – but how prepared are you to deal with them? Test your knowledge of weeds and their management….

Questionnaire: What Sort of Lawn Do You Have?

Knowing what sort of lawn you have is the key to looking after it. If you’re not sure about yours, here’s a quick questionnaire to help you find out….

Questionnaire: Will Your Lawn Survive a Drought?

With droughts predicted to become more common, now’s the time to think about what you can do to make sure your lawn will survive long spells of dry weather….

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