Lawn Care

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Caring for Turf

Discusses the tips on caring for turf, including helpful information on laying turf, watering turf and mowing turf….

Essential Equipment for Lawn Maintenance

Choosing the right equipment can make maintaining your lawn much easier, but with so much on offer at the average garden centre, what do you really need?…

Extra Jobs for That Bowling Green Lawn

How a few extra jobs can help you put the icing on the cake when it comes to getting that bowling green look for your lawn….

Ground Cover Plants to Protect Your Lawn

We look at ground cover plants and how they are used to protect your lawn and also provide it with those final finishing touches of colour….

How Level is Your Lawn?

Nearly every gardener ends up having to level out spots in their lawn. This article discusses the two top ways to level your lawn, including top-dressing and……

Lawn Disease

Identifies the three main types of lawn disease, details questions you need to answer in order to diagnose your lawn disease, and discusses how to effectively treat……

Lawn Mower Care and Maintenance

Although routine mower care isn’t a huge job, it can have big benefits; timely maintenance can avoid many of the inconveniences and potentially costly consequences of…

Lawn Scarification

Discusses the importance of lawn scarification, including the benefits that come from scarifying your lawn on an annual basis. Also discusses ways to scarify your lawn….

Letting Your Lawn Breathe

Discusses why it is necessary to let your lawn breathe. The best way to let your lawn breathe is to aerate your lawn, and describes the best ways to aerate your lawn….

Organic Lawn Care

This article looks at ways in which to feed and help your lawn grow without the use of chemicals…

Removing Weeds

Discusses the fact that weeds in your garden are inevitable, and describes the different methods available to remove weeds, and tips to successfully remove weeds from……

Repairing Damaged Edges

Discusses the materials and steps needed to repair damaged edges of your lawn in a way that is effective and easy to do….

Repairing Damaged Grass Patches

Discusses the reasons that grass can become damaged, details the various methods available for repairing damaged grass patches….

Rough or Weed Grass in Your Lawn

Discusses the importance of treating rough or weed grass, and the steps to take in order to ensure successful treatment. Also discusses some organic solutions as well……

The Essentials of Good Lawn Design

No matter what kind of lawn you have – utility or first-rate, big or small – giving a bit of thought to getting the essential design elements can bring big rewards….

The Lawn in a Wildlife Garden

The lawn has just as important a role to play in the wildlife garden as in any other, and careful management remains every bit as vital….

Tips for Keeping Your Lawn in Top Condition

This article looks at the most common tips for keeping your lawn looking healthy and growing well…

Using Naturalising Bulbs in the Lawn

Using bulbs in your lawn can make a big impact but getting it right calls for careful planning and some changes to the way you manage your grass too….

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