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Adapting the Lawn for a Growing Family: Case Study

Adapting an existing lawn to meet everyone’s needs can be a challenge; how one landscape gardener goes about tackling the job….

Creating a Lawn from Rough Land: A Case Study

Turning rough land into a lawn is never easy, but as this couple discovered, with a bit of hard work, even the most unpromising plot can be tamed….

Problems With Plantains: A Case Study

Plantains are a common lawn nuisance and can often be dealt with by hand-weeding, but as one reluctant user found out, sometimes weed-killers are the only effective……

Reclaiming a Garden ‘Football Pitch’: Case Study

Years of battering can be repaired, but as one couple discovered after their footie-mad kids left home, it takes time and a good bit of effort….

Reclaiming a Long-forgotten Lawn: A Case Study

Provided enough good quality grass remains, even the most seemingly neglected lawn can often be reclaimed – though as in this case, a bit of knowledgeable help never……

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