Lawn Problems

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Above Ground & Underground Lawn Pests

Lawn pests attack from above and below: we look at the most common and offer practical advice on how to keep them at bay…

Bumps in the Lawn

Discusses what causes bumps in the lawn, talks about how to correct bumps in the lawn, including the tools you will need and the step by step process you need to…

Common Turf Diseases

Describes the various types of common turf diseases, and discusses the most successful treatments, both chemical and non-chemical….

Controlling Pests

Discusses how to tell if you have lawn pests, and lists some of the most common pests. Describes how to do a soap flush. Discusses pesticide tips, including using the……

Dandelions as a Lawn Pest

This article looks at dandelions as a garden pest and how they can be dealt with; the article also looks at how to manual remove these weeds by hand…

Filling Hollows

Describes the reasons that you should fix hollows in your lawn, as well as detailing a couple of ways to fill hollows that are easy and effective….

How to Revive a Worn Out Lawn

The worn out lawn can seem a bit of a nightmare, but with the right approach, even the most unsightly mess can be revived – though it may take time….

Problems With a New Lawn

A quick guide to help you avoid the most common problems with new lawns, and the steps you can take to remedy them if they do occur….

Renovating and Repairing a Lawn

This article discusses teh many lawn repairs and renovations that any gardener can do to keep their lawn looking like a dream lawn. These repairs include worn edges,……

Six Top Tips for a Weed-free Lawn

With good management, keeping your lawn weed-free doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle; here are six simple tips to get you well on the way to being weed-free….

Tackling Moss in a Lawn

Discusses the appearance of lawn moss, the causes of lawn moss, and how to tackle a lawn moss problem, including treatment and future maintenance….

Worms and Your Lawn

Discusses the types of worms that can appear in your lawn, and includes informations on good worms and bad worms, and what to do about each type….

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